Resolve Your Windshield Problems With Ease

Rely on us for in-shop windshield repair services in San Marcos, TX

When a crack appears on your windshield, you might know the best way to get it fixed. Just rely on a professional at Patriot Windshield Repair. We offer in-shop windshield repair services at our San Marcos, TX shop. Our windshield repair shop is a quality-controlled environment where we optimize the conditions for effective and accurate repairs.

Bring your vehicle into our shop today to get prompt and professional repairs.

What materials do we use?

A lot goes into providing in-shop windshield repairs. As part of the repair process, we use:

  • Ultraviolet systems to cure resin
  • High-grade resin formulated for windshield repairs
  • Precision tools to apply resin and achieve optimal results
  • Cleaning agents, cloths and tools for thorough preparation
Let us show you all that we can do. Call our windshield repair shop today to discuss your specific needs.